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Mission Statement

Thousand Oaks Packaging’s creative solutions help our clients secure their sales and increase their positive brand identity. Our mission is to provide convenience, ease of use, and easy transport.

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Innovation: Redesigned

We are dedicated to providing innovative designs with the focus of sustainability in mind for all your packaging needs. We strive to continually seek the best results for your company. Our cutting-edge work will wow your company and your customers.

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Your First Impression

Whatever your packaging needs, we will ensure that you get a competitive look for the design that your clients will love, boosting their interest in your products right from the get-go. Packaging is the first impression, meaning it is our responsibility to provide a worthy product for your company that will excite your customers and keep them coming back for more.

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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability in packaging is very important to us, and that is why we focus on ensuring that our products are environmentally-friendly while maintaining their integrity of the best packaging solutions for your company. We work with 90% recyclable components and proudly boast our Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifications.

Values of Thousand Oaks Packaging

Our Values

We value our creativity in designs, our integrity as a company, our responsibility to our clients, and our passion to produce packaging that will pop.

Sepi Karandish
Sepi Karandish
Thousand Oaks Packaging

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